Offering a wide range of services including tree removal in Adelaide, Glynde and surrounding areas

Maintain Your Property with Trimming and Tree Removal in Adelaide

At Adelaide Tree Felling Service, we understand that overgrown trees present a safety hazard. Our team will help you remove trees and stumps in a way that suits your property without harshly damaging the environment.

You can depend on us for quality and affordability-call our team for trimming, maintenance, stump grinding and tree removal in Adelaide and Glynde.

Man doing tree work in Glynde

Safe Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

As an environmentally friendly business, we use only safe methods and techniques for tree removals in Adelaide. Our experts will customise our services to suit your property's specific needs; we will evaluate the layout of your backyard and remove any trees with dead branches, a leaning trunk or unstable roots.

If you need stump grinding, we have the experience to safely operate stump grinding machines and rid your property of troublesome stumps. Our machinery is safe, efficient and effective - we'll even recycle the stump grinds to use as mulch on your garden beds.

Trimming and maintenance

Regular Trimming and Maintenance

Our expert trimmers believe a trim garden creates a rejuvenating sight. Various tree speciespalms, cocos and others-require regular trimming to maintain health and beauty. Our tree trimming and maintenance services will reduce the size and enhance the look of your trees.

We can also help to maintain your garden beds with safe materials to ensure your garden maintains its beauty and health.

stump removal quality equipment

Quality Service and Equipment

When it comes to tree maintenance and removal, safety matters. We use advanced, up-to-date equipment and techniques to safely complete every project. Our machines-everything from cranes to cherry pickers-will finish the job well.

We perform all projects in a way that will leave minimal impact on your property and the environment.

Contact us at 0418 829 634 for trimming and tree removal in Adelaide and the surrounding areas.